The Rent Assessment Board And The Court

  • If any Court is to make orders in relation to recovery of possession or any application and desires information on premises. That Court can require the Secretary of the Board to furnish the Court with a certificate setting out such information as the Board possesses in relation to the premises.
  • The signed certificate of the Assessment Officer or the Secretary of the Board that is furnished to the Court is admissible as Prima Facie evidence.
  • The amount in respect of which the Board may order payment shall not exceed the amount in respect of which a Resident Magistrate’s Court has jurisdiction
  • The Secretary of the Board lodges all orders made by the Board with the Clerk of the Courts for the parish in which the premises to which the order relates.
  • Every order which is lodged with the Clerk of Courts shall be treated as if it were an order made by the Resident Magistrate’s Court for the payment of money
  • The fees payable on applications to the Board shall be the same fees payable on a plaint Resident Magistrate’s Courts