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The Rent Assessment Board

On the 10th October 1944, five (5) Rent Assessment Boards were established to provide a framework for the business of renting properties, and to resolve the constant disputes that arose between landlords and tenants. Each division was served by a chairman, five deputy chairpersons, and Board members. Presently, only one Rent Assessment Board is in existence in the Corporate Area located at 25 Dominica Drive Kingston 5 on the 3rd floor of The Towers.

The Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation regional offices in Montego Bay, Savanna-la-mar and St. Ann’s Bay have been instrumental in disseminating general information and assisting the Board to conduct Hearings at their offices.


Operations of the Board

The operations of the Board are governed by the Rent Restriction Act (RRA). The RRA was promulgated on the 9th October 1944 and several amendments have been made to the principal act since then. The last amendment to the RRA was done in 1983.

The Board facilitates both Landlords and tenants. When a complaint is made whether, from the landlord or a tenant, no action is taken until both parties have been consulted. Problems involving arrears of rent, refund of security deposits and illegal increases in rent are dealt with by the Tribunal.

The Board is quasi-judicial in its proceedings and conducts judicial hearings twice per month.  It also has similar powers to that of a Resident Magistrate’s Court.