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The Secretariat of the Rent Assessment Board

The Rent Services Unit

In the financial year 2004/05, the Rent Services Unit was established in order to improve the administrative support to the Rent Assessment Board and to enhance the Board’s effectiveness.


The Rent Services Unit facilitates judicial hearings twice per month. In these hearings, both tenants and landlords are given the opportunity to represent themselves on issues such as the return of security deposits or the recovery of arrears in rent and arrears in utility bills.

  • Services offered by the Rent Services Unit
    • Assessment of rental premises
    • Granting of exemption from rent control for commercial properties that meets the requirements
    • Initiation of legal proceedings for illegal Increases in Rent, Excess Rent (Security Deposits) and Arrears of Rent
    • Inspection of premises
    • Dispute resolution between landlords and tenants
    • Grant increases in rent above 7½%.